Italian crostoli pastry

Every part of Europe seems to have a version of the Crostoli pastry each with their own name, also called called “Angel wings”. I guess because of a strong influence from Italian immigrants in Australia we simply go by the Italian Crostoli.

Sometimes only Crostoli hits the spot. Light, sugary crunchy add a Cafe Late – perfection.

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Biscotti – Italian cookies

“Biscotti” simply means cooked twice, which, no surprises, is exactly how biscotti are cooked. These are a traditional Italian cookie that, according to wikipedia, goes back to roman times as the second baking would allow them to have a much longer shelf life. These days biscotti  just make a great cookie to dunk in your coffee.

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Making Fresh Pasta

Making fresh pasta from scratch is great fun and comes with the added gadget appeal of requiring a pasta machine. Here I am making Fettuccine as an example. The basic rule of thumb is one egg (70g) to 1cup (100grams) of flour. In this example I have used 400 grams of flour so 4 eggs needed. As eggs vary in size the dough may need a little more flour or a little water. When I am making fresh pasta I prefer the dough to be a little on the dry side.


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