Biscotti – Italian cookies

“Biscotti” simply means cooked twice, which, no surprises, is exactly how biscotti are cooked. These are a traditional Italian cookie that, according to wikipedia, goes back to roman times as the second baking would allow them to have a much longer shelf life. These days biscotti  just make a great cookie to dunk in your coffee.

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Pizzelle Italian waffles

Taste Obsession Pizzelle

Pizzelle are a thin Italian waffle. When just cooked the waffles may be bent into various shapes such as cones or tubes. Lets face it, actually finding some where to buy the iron to cook the waffle is half the fun of cooking these. Any importer of Italian kitchen equipment should have these with a range of patterns and sizes. I prefer the low tech approach with a gas stove top and iron but you can also get an electric version.


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