Me (David Rout) in the kitchen.

Welcome to my humble blog.

Hi I’m Dave living in south east of Melbourne Australia. After having a few friends request recipes from me I thought hmmm this could be a blog worthy idea. I am not sure if I am necessarily a good cook,  but am certainly up for the adventure of discovering something new. I don’t know where I will end up with this blog, but plan to cover growing stuff, cooking stuff and eating stuff. As a matter of principle if doing it requires a gadget or machine even better, and also blog worthy.

As I have a bit of a technical engineering background I love the fiddly techie bits of putting together a blog, trying a new wordpress plugin, editing video etc…(refer to previous comment about gadgets). I am not currently planning on posting on this behind the scenes stuff. so unless some one is keen to know, and really bugs me to explain something, I have no plans to do so.

If anyone feels that I haven’t attributed an idea or recipe let me know as I am not doing it intentionally.