Chilli Shrimp

Chilli Prawns Shrimp Recipe

Chilli shrimp (prawns) –  One of my life time pursuits is to find the ultimate recipe for chilli shrimp.  So far this is it, a few ingredients, quick to cook and quicker to eat.  Only 4  ingredients are needed; shrimp (prawns), butter, garlic and chillies. In this example I also used a bed of fettuccine. The one thing I am yet to settle on is to peel or not peel the shrimp prior to cooking, but I think I have a workable compromise. Here is another recipe that highlights the head and shell as centre on shrimpy tasty flavour –

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Thai Green Curry Paste

Thai Green Curry Paste

Just can’t beat the fresh flavour of a green curry made from scratch. And great therapy to mash and grind the ingredients into a paste.

This recipe will make 5 to 6 tablespoons of paste. I generally freeze this, with minimal effect on flavour and good for a few months.


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