Chocolate Ganache recipe – Dairy free

I can’t believe how good this recipe turned out. I was looking for a chocolate icing recipe that had no dairy, so after a search of the internet as well as cook books, I came up with the following the source recipes are referenced at the end of the post. It was tweaked a couple of times for sweetness, the 85% chocolate was a little bitter, ended up with a great result.

Chocolate Ganache recipe


The dairy  cream is replaced by coconut cream, which was my main objective with the recipe. While I was at it I also decided to minimise conventional sugar, the only sugar in the recipe is 15g (2 teaspoons) in the chocolate bar itself, so dairy free and almost sugar free, dare I say “no added sugar”. In place of sugar I used rice malt syrup to sweeten it up, this is a complex carb  fructose-free, sucrose free, sugar alternative. It has a low GI so over all a healthier natural alternative, and more importantly it works in the recipe and tastes great.

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Italian crostoli pastry

Every part of Europe seems to have a version of the Crostoli pastry each with their own name, also called called “Angel wings”. I guess because of a strong influence from Italian immigrants in Australia we simply go by the Italian Crostoli.

Sometimes only Crostoli hits the spot. Light, sugary crunchy add a Cafe Late – perfection.

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Chilli Shrimp

Chilli Prawns Shrimp Recipe

Chilli shrimp (prawns) –  One of my life time pursuits is to find the ultimate recipe for chilli shrimp.  So far this is it, a few ingredients, quick to cook and quicker to eat.  Only 4  ingredients are needed; shrimp (prawns), butter, garlic and chillies. In this example I also used a bed of fettuccine. The one thing I am yet to settle on is to peel or not peel the shrimp prior to cooking, but I think I have a workable compromise. Here is another recipe that highlights the head and shell as centre on shrimpy tasty flavour –

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Biscotti – Italian cookies

“Biscotti” simply means cooked twice, which, no surprises, is exactly how biscotti are cooked. These are a traditional Italian cookie that, according to wikipedia, goes back to roman times as the second baking would allow them to have a much longer shelf life. These days biscotti  just make a great cookie to dunk in your coffee.

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